Ordering Spirit of Humane Products

Download our brochure, Humane Restraints and Aids for Kosher, Halal and General Hand Slaughter (568k pdf)

We have also researched and designed a mobile slaughter unit for sheep and goats. The unit is designed for producers to replicate in collaboration with their regional meat safety officials for custom, state or USDA inpsected slaughter. Download the mobile slaughter unit brochure (684k pdf)

Custom Knives

  • Straight, stainless steel blade for precise results.
  • Full tang for strength and durability.
  • Meets all requirements for live, humane slaughter
  • Goat and sheep knife — 14” length $90.00 (US)


Our mailing address is:
N12835 CR Q
Downing, WI, USA 54734
Phone 715-265-7637

Farm website, www.shepherdsongfarm.com

Email us today at buygrassfed@gmail.com

Partial funding of the Spirit of Humane process was provided by a North Central Region SARE Producer Grant (www.sare.org), a Wisconsin Added Value Producer grant (www.datcp.state.wi.us) and the Browse & Grass Farmer Association (715-265-7637).